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Research and mediation center dedicated to the legacy of the painter, engraver and sculptor Jean Paul Riopelle




The mission of the Centre de documentation et d'archives Riopelle (CdaR) is to preserve, interpret, enhance and promote the memory of the painter, sculptor and printmaker Jean Paul Riopelle (1923-2002), a key figure in Quebec and Canadian culture. Intended for the community of people doing research on his life and work, the CdaR will offer, starting in the fall of 2023, access in whole or in part to an important documentary and archival collection intended for art historians, researchers, exhibition curators, museum curators, artists and students working in art studies, practices and history.

The scope of our mission is as much about the work he produced during his lifetime as it is about contemporary activities in research, exhibitions, cultural mediation and art education, since Riopelle is still studied, discussed and the object of attention, both in Quebec, Canada and abroad.



The documentary and archival holdings of the CdaR are composed of more than 4500 bibliographic records: newspaper and magazine articles, exhibition catalogs and ephemera, monographs, correspondence and testimonials, audiovisual documents, archives, etc.

In addition, the CdaR is the repository of Riopelle's critical fortune as compiled by the Fondation Jean Paul Riopelle (FJPR) since 2019. The FJPR is the first depositing member of the CdaR. Eventually, the CdaR wishes to enrich its documentary and archival holdings by inviting other members to entrust us with documentation and archives related to Riopelle and his work. These depositing members may be researchers, art historians, collectors or art galleries who have gathered information and constituted files that could be useful for the advancement of art historical research.



There are two ways to access the CdaR's documentary and archival holdings:

1. Through the research residency program. Projects can be submitted throughout the year.
2. For specific projects: monograph edition, exhibition, cultural mediation, etc. Write to us at [email protected]



Each year, the CdaR wishes to invite 2 to 4 researchers to explore its documentary and archival holdings in order to deepen and enrich the state of research on a particular aspect of the artist's life and work. This concerns all conceivable aspects related to the creation, dissemination and critical reception of his work. Without limiting itself, this research may include, but is not limited to

Research residency projects are selected on the basis of the direct links they can establish with our documentary and archival holdings and the mission of research and advancement of knowledge that the CdaR wishes to develop. The CdaR prioritizes research projects that focus on aspects that have been little explored by the history or sociology of art, whether in Canada, the United States or Europe. The CdaR provides residents with research support, as well as a virtual workspace to explore its documentary and archival holdings. A research residency can lasts from one month to one year, depending on the needs of the project. A research residency application form is currently being developed.

If you would like to be kept informed of developments surrounding this project, please send your contact information to [email protected]

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